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Digital  Art

Irina Hulse Photography combines fine art, sport, and discerning design. Irina Hulse Photography proudly offers several different services and packages suited to best fit your needs.


Every session is specialised for the individual horse and rider, making it a comfortable, personalised, and memorable experience.



Black Background Portraiture

Irina Hulse Photography fine art black background portraiture captures the beauty of your horse on a stunning studio-like setting. These portraits are and are stunning for social media, sale ads, and room/barn decor. Setup is simple and easy, photographed in a barn aisle with the horse in the bridle and the reins are removed. These are impressive and exemplify the beauty of your equine.

Horse and Rider

Irina Hulse Photography horse and rider session are a beautiful way to showcase your special bond between you and your equine partner. These photos take place outside in natural light during sunrise and sunset. and are perfect for seniors, graduation, and fine art.  These are beautiful to share throughout your house or in your tack room! 


Irina Hulse Photography sport session captures the athleticism, artistry, and elegance of you and your equine. These photos are creatively taken capturing candid, action, and special moments between you and your horse, not just a few jumps. This is the perfect session for capturing your show experience or training at home. 


**Irina Hulse Photography is currently accepting private clients**

Video Sportif

Irina Hulse Photography video sportif is a creative way to capture the connection you have with your equine. Riding is more than an activity, it is a feeling and a passion. This creatively edited video is done with the cinematic eye, capturing riding, show,s, at home, and the candid and sweet moments with your equine. 

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