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Design Collaborative

What is your mission statement?

Or, what is your why? This something many of us asks ourselves, what is our purpose, what fuels us, what inspires us, and as business owners, what is our mission statement? What is my brand/company about? Any business owner will know this is a constant question running through their head whether it is late at night thinking of new ideas, posting on social media, releasing a new project, we are always asking ourselves this. 

Irina Hulse Photography is proud to be offering photo and video coverage as well as branding and web design for businesses! With experience capturing corporate events, grand openings, headshots, and social media ads, Irina Hulse Photography is eager to collaborate with your company to capture your essence, message, and the why of your brand. 

Clients include:

Quarter Line Dressage // Chesterfield MO
Bar K // St. Louis & Kansas City

Godspeed Sport Horses // Chicago IL 
TKF Equestrian // Chesterfield MO 
Greenstreet Real Estate Ventures // St. Louis MO
Greenstreet Construction // St. Louis MO 
HDA Architects // St. Louis MO 
Olive and Oak // St. Louis MO
Clayco // St. Louis MO x World Wide

AH Photography // St. Louis MO
Oscar Hernández Sporthorses // Sarasota FL
Amazon // World Wide
REC HALL // St. Louis MO 
Equisite Elements of Style // Wellington FL

Commercial Photography

A complete package perfect for businesses and product merchandise. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? This package is all-inclusive allowing you to not only show off your brand but do it in a way that is eye-catching and aligns with your company's vision and values.

Starting at $2000

Price dependent on length of the shoot, amount of locations, and travel.

2-hour shoot​

65+ edited images

Full commercial usage

Black/white background images included

Interested in coverage for something that is not listed? Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life! 

Commercial Videography

Promote your business with a filmmaker's touch! Video has a brilliant ability to touch hearts, how many movies have you laughed or cried through? Video tells stories, tell your story! The video package is a perfect way to not only promote your business but connect with your ideal audience in a creative and unique way. 

Starting at $1800

Price dependent on length of shoot, amount of locations, lighting and audio needs, and travel.

2-5 hour shoot

On camera Interviews

B - Roll

1:00 - 2:00 edited/colour graded video

Full commercial usage

Interested in coverage for something that is not listed? Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life! 

Website Design


Your digital storefront

Logo Design


Your digital identity

Custom designs with several iterations to suit your unique brand

Consultation Call 

Competitor research


Up to 7 pages including about and contact page


Content including: copy, and existing imagery and video assets and copy


Logos/relevant graphics


Contact information


Social media links

Does not include the cost to run the website or the price of the domain

Timeline  4 - 8 weeks dependent on modifications and client communication.

Develop your digital identity for your unique brand



Consultation Call

Mood/Inspiration Board

Competitor research



Multiple iterations and retouches as needed

Logo suite including multiple iterations of logos that can be used for collateral marketing


Timeline  4 - 6 weeks dependent on modifications and client communication.

Portfolio available upon request

Portfolio available upon request

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